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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the county wildfire is raging out of control and exploding in size as it moves further into napa county prompting more evacuations. the 11:00 news starts right now. hello again, everyone. we begin tonight with developing news. the fire started saturday near the cache creek casino. it is now burning south toward lake berryessa. with rapid growth comes new evacuation orders. here is a look at the cal fire map of mandatory evacuations. that is in the red east of lake berryessa. the yellow are under evacuation advisories. the fire is just 5% -- 5% contained right now. from sky fox, it seems you could pick a ravine, any ravine, and the county fire was galloping through it.
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this huge, football shaped fire is best observed by air because of the steep terrain and because it is turning up so much heavy smoke. it obscures views from all sides. firefighters cannot see what is in front of them or pilots below them. >> today we had to shut down operations on the north side of the fire. the visibility got so bad in that there is in that area, they had to shut down aircraft with the exception of hair -- of helicopters. some rural subdivisions were in jeopardy with evacuation orders going out and crews rushing in to provide protection. at this ranch, it was a two hour long airshow. >> now i feel a little better. it is probably the seventh or
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eighth one here in the last hour. they are really trying to stop it from getting down into these residential areas.>> reporter: by midafternoon, and other shifting winds blew smoke onto these properties. the homeowners were under orders , but mostly stayed to protect what's theirs. with fires so frequent and damaging, residents have been tested already. many are not leaving again. >> i have been here for 50 years. i built this house, i raised my kids here. this is my life. it isn't fancy, but it is mine.>> reporter: if weather cooperates, cal fire plans a major backfiring operation overnight which should tie ent total number of acres. so far, no structures have been damaged or destroyed.
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the county fire has been creating smoky skies around the bay area yesterday and again today. people are finding ash and soot on their cars. amberley joins us live with concerns and response from the bay area air quality management district. amber?>> reporter: officials say despite the dark sky and raining ash, the air quality is good. people tell us they cannot help but be concerned when they see the pollution. the stride glowed orange monday morning as smoke from the county fire and pawnee fire drifted over the bay area. in places, ashes rained down leaving their mark on parked vehicles and homes. >> all of the sudden there were white flakes falling from the sky. it was disturbing. they feel dirty. and it is. it is pollution. >> reporter: it is pollution, but they bay area air quality district says the air quality is still moderate to good
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because the smoke is trapped in the upper atmosphere keeping it away from the lower atmosphere. that is the air that we breathe. although the particles look small, they are large enough that the body can expel them naturally are blowing our nose and coughing. it is not as hazardous as it looks.>> reporter: lisa says that last october's fires in the north bay brought unprecedented unhealthy air quality levels. >> we saw quality levels akin to what you would see in beijing china. we are not seeing that now. >> reporter: she says that people do not need to avoid exercising outdoors. but, folks may experience a scratchy throat and need to drink more water. people around lake merritt say the darkened skies was not a deterrent. >> you still have to get out and live your life. the air quality in the bay area is good, overall. >> i can feel the breeze coming off the bay. i feel good when i breathe.
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it is completely different from the northbay fires. >> reporter: air-quality experts say the best way to clean off ash is to hose it down with water. do not use anything that will kick up particles in the air. with july forthcoming, officials are asking people not to play with fireworks, saying that not only are they hazard, but the smoke will contribute to poor air quality. live in oakland, amber lee for ktvu fox 2 news. bill martin joins us, now. the big question is, will there be any relief for crews other battling fires? >> i think yes, the as we talke about. the quite a bit from the red fl warning on saturday night. we are seeing temperatures generally in the 70s and 80s which is much cooler than you might expect. this live camera shot shows you the red hue in the air because we have a lot of smoke still
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lingering. these winds are starting to clear it out. you notice there is a lot of west winds. this is -- this is clearing out the smoke with these westerly winds. the westerly winds will get going strong enough to a point that i suspect you will find yourself with much better air quality tomorrow than you had today. temperatures will be in the mid- 80s to maybe some upper 80s. a nice day, a lot like today tomorrow, but less smoke and better firefighting whether for firefighters in the northbay. 20 homes were evacuated on buckingham road. authorities say this fire is now 100% contained. evacuationorders have been lifted. firefighters remain on the scene
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to make sure it doesn't flare up again. from mendocino county where one man is dead and another is wounded in a shooting today. they found a pickup truck on highway 101 at about 4:30 in the facility -- in the city of willits. they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. one was dead and the other was transported to the hospital with what are described as life- threatening injuries. there is no word on a suspect or motive in this case. a major medical group has decided to hold its annual convention somewhere other than san francisco. they cited dirty streets and open drug use as reasons. the news was not surprising for the agency in charge of promoting tourism in th >> any midsize convention like this is a $40 million plusloss
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of revenue. >> industry leaders say something needs to be done to clean up the streets or there will be more loss of conventions. police are investigating the killing of a security guard at a housing construction site. police say rolando romero was shot and killed just before 5:30 this morning at the alice griffith housing complex in the bayview district. officers received a call about two shots being fired. they found romero near a bench alongside a building near construction. police do not know of a motive in the killing. >> there is still an open and active investigation. we're still 21 as much as possible right now. >> residents say they are shocked and saddened at the loss of someone who kept them
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safe. the security guard was not armed. and east bay family is in mourning tonight after he 43- year-old mother was swept away by an ocean current. aarti senthilvel was a wife and mother of two. she died sunday evening after she and other family and friends were surprised by a change in ocean current color in speech. -- at cal ranch beach. when the rip current pulled them under, the group was able to build a human chain. aarti senthilvel save her, but sheal went under. her brother ed her to safety. a rescue team found aarti senthilvel but were unable to
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revive her. we spoke with the u.s. coast guard who said these kinds of accidents are not uncommon. >> a rip current can happen pretty much anywhere that there is surf. you can run into at any beach. you need to be aware of it anytime you're going out. you may not be able to see these currents. after over a week of searching, a youth soccer team trapped inside a thailand cave is found a life. -- found a life. plus, an offer that would avoid a trial. what we are learning about a possible plea deal about it -- regarding the osha warehouse fire in oakland. how to stay safe during the fourth of july holiday. tomorrow on mornings on 2.
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12 soccer players and their coach who vanished 10 days ago are found alive. they are not
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yet out of partially flooded cave in northern thailand. a large team of rescue crews including more than two dozen u.s. military members are working to get those boys out. >> we found that our younger brothers are safe. >> reporter: loud cheers as it is announced that a youth soccer team trapped inside a cave is found alive. rescue diver is found the boys inside a partially flooded cave. the boys ranging in age from 11 the final push was made to bring the boys -- is being made to bring the boys to safety. meanwhile, workers outside continue to pump water out of the caves. medical teams are sent inside
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to bring oxygen and food to the boys and their coach. >> the water pumping is in progress and is what -- working well. water is consistently getting lower.>> reporter: groups from around the world have gathered to offer support including teams from britain, australia, china and a 30 member u.s. military team. >> this is not a simple dive. these are challenging consideration -- challenging conditions. the environment outside is contributing to the environment inside. it is a very accurate statement that it is challenging. >> reporter: officials pointed out that the boys and their coach will not be moved until they are physically strong enough. mexico has elected a new president who promises to reduce crime and corruption in won a six-year term in a landslide.
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during the campaign, lspez obrador was critical of immigration policies. he says mexico must have a good relationship with its northern neighbor and trading partner. president trump said he and the president-elect talk -- talked for over an hour. they will have a good relationship. there are some fresh doubts about whether the north will keep his promise to denuclearize. new satellite imagery appears to show the north is expanding rather than dismantling its nuclear program. researchers say the images show construction at a missile production site. u.s. intelligence insiders say there is evidence that north korea has been hiding at least one uranium enrichment facility which provides material for nuclear bombs. i think it shows donald trump is saying was promised and what they are actually doi >> after the summit, president trump said there was no longer a nuclear threat from the --
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from north carolina. mike pompeo is set to visit the north later this month. president trump is narrowing down his choices for the supreme court. he met with four candidates as he work to fill the spot that will be left bank by retiring justice anthony kennedy. his list of pics originally included 25 candidates, but it has since been narrowed down to about seven people including two women. the president plans to announce his choice to week -- one week from today. two men in connection with the ghost ship warehouse fire are expected to receive a deal of spending no more than 10 years in jail for pleading no contest to 36 counts of manslaughter. 36 people died in december 2016. once the criminal case is risen
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-- is resolved, there is also a civil case. electric car maker tesla says it will turn a profit in the final two quarters of the year after meeting a production goal for the model 3 sedan. they have had a number of production glitches in the past but last week it produced more than 5000 model 3s. elon musk sent a thank you note to employees saying he couldn't be more proud to work with them. to achieve the goal, he added a third assembly line to the point >> this is where things such as the windshield or the final trim within the car are put on. this is where the cargoes from a hunk of metal into something that looks like you're going to drive it out of the parking lot. musk says he has said a new goal to turnout 6000 model 3s beginning in august -- per week
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beginning in august. checking in on the weather right now. we have a little bit of an air quality issue right now. there is some smoke cool down, that smoke from the fires will settle down, especially around davis, modesto and sacramento. that is where it is really bad. those inner valleys, over toward marysville, some of the smoke is really settling in there. tomorrow morning, you will notice it. by the time the sun starts heating the ground and the air starts to mix around, the winds will come up a little. air quality should be a lot better than today. especially from lunch time on. there was a lot of ash in the air and it was good-sized, but a lot of folks who have pre- existing lung or breathing issues, it is a problem. i think tomorrow will be a much better day. winds are cooperating and coming out of the west northwest. high pressure is weakening
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enough that we are setting up, the high is there but the lowest kind of there, so what we are seeing as this deepened marine layer. a big push of cool air, moist air for the fires and that push obviously coming out of the west creating better air quality. the winds will become a little more robust tomorrow afternoon. that's when i think the smoke will really blow out of here. it should help the valley smoke, as well. current temperatures are where they were last night at this time. this is the high that we have been talking about it is weakening as it goes this way little bit. cold by any mean mid 80s. in the warm spot upper 80s. the reds are 90 it is.
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that is tomorrow. this week is going to be on the milder side. we really could not tolerate a few more hundred degree heat days. it really is. it is a funny thing, but more than hurricanes, floods, heat is the weather that causes the most problems and injuries and hospitalizations. so, we are getting a break and we are going to be in good shape the rest of this week until the weekend. things will warm up quite a bit. >> all right, bill, thank you. the warriors land a big name in the free-agent market after the lake mark will s about the fr signed with the warriors. a bear deciding to relax decided to take a dip in a hot tub. this is near los angeles. the man who shot the video was also relaxing with a margarita when he saw the bear jumped a
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fence and hop into his jacuzzi. the bear only state in the hot tub for a few minutes. then, he walked over, licked the margarita and then wandered over to a tree to take a nap. you are watching the 11:00 news on ktvu. we will be right back.
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yesterday was all about lebron james going to the lakers. today, the warriors upstaged him and brought in, let's say, buggy nights. >> lakers, we see your lebron and show you boogie nights. >> the west just keeps the warriors are just loading up. he is a four-time all-star, said by many to be n in the nba he averages 25 points and 13 rebounds. the only caveat is that he is coming back from a torn achilles tendon. we don't know when he will be available. perhaps somewhere around late
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january or earlier for -- or early february. everyone has put their stamp of approval on it. steph curry looks to have what looks to be a pretty good rapport with him. >> the third splash brother. >> were gonna get this right. the third splash brother. >> we are still taking applications, don't worry. >> actually he can should a lot better than that. damian jones probably heard this news with mixed emotions. he is the guy that steve kerr said remember, this is going to he is the center and he is getting a look in the summer league over at sacramento. hitting his shot from e outside. 14 points and six rebounds for the one time number one pick of the golden state warriors.
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he goes inside here. the warriors did beat the miami heat summer league team. jacob evans, this year's number one pick did not play. he has a issue. what is the deal? the giants are red-hot, they go into colorado and are immediately cooled off. a place where they have lost 13 of their last 15. the flight staff on the giants charter jet were on hand to check things out. the giants took an early lead on a home run and a buster rbi single. he continues that scoreless streak he had running. austin slater with a nice catch to save a couple runs right there. the bases were loaded at the time but in the seventh, the rockies knock him out. it is 2-2. you do not see that very much. brandon crawford air mailing a through the first. this breaks the 2-2 tie and the rockies have five unanswered runs. they break the giants' streak
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with a 5-to score. -- 5-2 score. look at him with his huge glove. that is a big-time era right there. he leaves and utter shame. >> he is taking it good- naturedly, i would say. a guy who could catch things with any size glove, he goes up and above to rob him of the home run. the dodgers win big tonight. do the right fid line by the dodgers right fielder. >> good times. >> thanks for joining us tonight. have a good night. let's see...
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